Every day is full of problems, questions, large and small.

‘How do I get my daughter to tidy her room?’
‘Where are my car keys!’
‘Why do I keep buying these diet videos?’
‘Where is my life going?’

There are answers, just look within yourself. With a little help, you can solve most problems. You put your keys where they now lie, you know your daughter better than anyone and deep down you know why you buy the videos.

Ever said,’ what was his name? If I stop thinking it will come to me,’ and usually, it does. So much is going on in our mind but mostly we get there in the end…or do we? It depends if you ask the question and can reach inside for the right answer.

‘Tykhe Dice is both entertaining and enlightening’

Find the answer ‘unlock’ the inner you.  How?  Tykhe Dice is a very simple way.

So, go ahead:
Think of your question, cast the dice and reveal your inner knowledge.
Because that is where your answer will come from, it is where you begin.
(It won’t give you winning Lottery numbers by the way.)

The symbols trigger all manner of memories, opinions and emotions. ‘Symbolism’ has always been used for this, from the Shaman to today’s Multimedia.
People are so surprised how the Tykhe Dice cast ‘connects’ with them, that’s partly because it is intuitive.

It isn’t a gimmick or a trick. ‘Know thyself’ – Socrates, Plato (and countless others)


A little bit of symbolism we all know:
Tykhe Dice ‘heart’ & Valentine

February 15th, time for the Roman festival ‘Lupercalia,’ this appears to have been an incredibly raucous affair with naked young men gripping goat or dog-skin whips and spanking young maidens with the view to making them more fertile! ‘Lots’ were also drawn with couples being ‘coupled’ up for the duration of the festival…or longer if the match worked.

‘Lupercalia,’ remained wildly popular up until the 5th Century CE, a good 150 years after Christianity became the official religion of the Empire. Perhaps not surprisingly the Christian church found this behaviour unacceptable and took steps to curtailing this carnal festival. In response, the legend of Saint Valentine is pegged to the festival date; the drunken revelry continues but the nakedness is stopped. Lust and fertility were another matter, it remained, it would appear this compromise was accepted.

Lupercalia aka St Valentines  and its link to romance cannot be found again until the 14th Century in
Geoffrey Chaucer’s, Parliament of Fowls:

‘There sat a Queen who was more lovely by far than any other creature, just as the summer sun outshines the stars. This noble Goddess nature sat enthroned in a pavilion she had wrought of branches upon a flowered atop a meadow. And there was not any bird born of love that was not ready in her presence to hear her and receive her judgement. For this was Saint Valentine’s Day. When all the birds of every kind that men can imagine come to chose their mates.’



Tykhe Dice at Witchfest 2016

Witchfest International is the largest Witchcraft, Wicca festival held in the World. Witchfest has entertainment and talks on Witchcraft and Pagan subjects.
Mike Dennis – Witchfest 26 Nov. 2016
 SPEAKER: Mike Dennis
Short Bio: Co-Developer of Tykhe Dice and author of Understanding Tykhe Dice, Tykhe Dice the Zodiac Rituals, Revealing Tykhe Dice, and Other articles.
Witchfest International 2016. Tykhe Dice workshop 26 Nov. 2016 with Mike Dennis explaining a cast using the Tykhe dice and board
Witchfest International 2016. Tykhe Dice workshop 26 Nov. 2016 with Mike Dennis explaining a cast using the Tykhe dice and board

Witchfest International 2016. Tykhe Dice workshop 26 Nov. 2016 Hands on!

A full review of the event by Mike Dennis
Our first workshop at Witchfest was amazing, once we had got used to the size of our meeting room, setup the tables and banner, the first of many curious people came in so nothing for it but to start straight away! Their interest was quite overwhelming with question coming thick and fast, allowing them to first feel the Tykhe Dice and look at the board, once things had settled down, they took their seats and we went through a little on the history of dice over the last 4500 years to get to Divination with Tykhe Dice and the three and a half years it has taken to present Tykhe here! Followed by an explanation of the symbols and board, the questions that followed covered the many aspects of Tykhe Dice from the reading of one symbol on one die, building to three symbols on three dice. A brief description of working with the Tykhe Board followed by mini readings with some twenty-five coming up for short readings, their question covering many aspects from relationships to house moving to business changes. Once things had settled back down a further question was raised regarding the Goddess Tykhe ‘who was she’ Her story and that of the hero Palemedes was given to a very appreciative audience. The book signing later in the afternoon was much the same with great interest shown in this new very old divination system, many thanks to Rie and Gary for the help and the kind words from Nick O’Conner (PF) and Cat Treadwell as we chatted before the before the book signing.
Do you need any more info?

      visitor comment: Nick O’Connor, “Great workshop, learned a lot, as opposed to some of the
more mainstream speakers who were more hogwash than Hogwarts!”


 Tykhe Dice are both an entertaining and insightful vision of your future: Love, life and finances. The wisdom of 2500yrs in predicting personal futures are combined with the inner skills and desires to achieve them. The dice give a random cast of the elements of your life. Easy to use but infinite in possible meanings. Includes Runes, Elements, Planets, Zodiac in a new and empowering way.

Tykhe Dice explained. Tykhe Dice is a set of picture dice and a casting board. It is the practice of casting dice onto the board to predict your future or to help you answer questions you have in your life. In many ways, it is like Tarot or Runes but unlike these two it also looks inside you…the querent (the asker) it engages with your inner self.



Retail available at, Woodland Magick 

Address: 7 Livingstone Road, Gillingham ME7 4HA
Phone: 01634 786610
Hours: Open today · 10am–7pm

Why Tykhe? Tykhe, the most revered of the Greek Goddesses once ruled the hand of fortune; daughter of Aphrodite and Zeus or Hermes. Don’t be surprised you have never heard of Tykhe, she has sadly become cloaked in time. The Romans had an equivalent of Tykhe…she was named Fortuna…aaah I hear you whisper, ‘fortune’ now there’s a word I know. From the dawn of time people have pondered over life, the universe and everything. But in particular, the trials and tribulations of their own lives, loves, dreams and fate. Dice were offered to the Goddess and the tradition was rediscovered, for not even the Greeks had invented something new. The tradition goes as far back as recorded time. We look to these images and objects for both insight and inspiration…and we still do.

So how do I use Tykhe Dice? Think of a question that is bothering you, roll the dice in your covered hands and drop them on the casting board. You will see *3 symbols arranged on the board (*there is a 4th dice but lets keep it simple). Now the reading begins.

What do the symbols mean? Tykhe Dice uses 18 symbols, each represents a key element of life. In any cast a combination of aspects are presented before you. This is where your future begins.

Consider what ‘chance’ or Tykhe has laid before you in reply to your question, what does it mean?  That is the fascinating mystery of Tykhe Dice! Tykhe Dice may be new to you but this divination has been around for thousands of years.

Here begins your understanding of the dice, the board, the symbols, the arrangement…and most importantly…yourself and the inner you.

That is a quick explanation of Tykhe Dice, please explore this site and enjoy!  Hopefully, you will buy your own Tykhe Dice set and join in.


Further thoughts. Some people believe in fate, others in deities, omens or luck. One thing most would agree is that our future is greatly influenced by our own actions. These actions are based on our experiences, needs, skills, and aspirations, though we all have a unique mix of these characteristics. What we all have in common are the same human material and emotional needs: safety, shelter, food, water and love…just to name a few.
Whether you find your understanding in the spiritual, psychological or instinctive Tykhe Dice will engage you in a fruitful, empowering and positive way. With 1000’s of readings, both first hand and online over the last 4 years, one thing is clear, Tykhe Dice are welcome tools in self-advancement and understanding.

Exploring your own psyche is difficult…Tykhe Dice offers a window, portal or inspiration…call it what you will! These simple symbols have been with us for countless generations, created, defined, interpreted and re-drawn. They are as insightful as ever…for we never really change do we?

Tykhe in our time:

Social interaction, communication, relationships, values and understanding have developed so much over the last 100 years; ever expanding. And this advance has come from within us and our collective desire to make it so.
Tykhe Dice symbols are common metaphors but they are not fixed in historical meaning.
Over time these meanings change, synthesis and embrace new concepts; they evolve in the context of their time; their symbolism is a fluid subjective paradigm. The Red nose of a Victorian Clown takes on new meanings in our time: ‘Red Nose Day’ for charity or even the latest sinister ‘Killer Clown’ phenomena in 2016. Tykhe Dice embraces this, it is not fixed…the reading, interpretation, is in an emotional cultural flux. These symbols signify emotions, desires and sometimes fears. They are a catalyst a mirror held up to our consciousness and nature. And so through this two-way interaction (culture, advancement, fulfilment and interaction) we move forward.
In Tykhe, what we were, what we are and where we want to be are all planes of the present…the now. Knowledge and vision, hope and commitment are, and always have been such tools to enlightenment. The Tykhe board represents the vastness of our universe beyond…and at the same time the human eye and the desire and needs from within.



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