How do we pronounce Tykhe?

Think ‘Nike’ but with a ‘T’

Now here’s a question for you.
What does your future hold?

You probably think it isn’t possible to answer that.
    But if I said:

  • Do my choices affect my life?
  • Do good choices improve my life?
  • Do my choices affect others in my life?

You’ll probably say yes, because that all makes sense.

‘Your future is largely in your hands. You will get the future you build. ‘

“Know thyself,”to quote the Ancient Greek Philosophers,
Plato and Socrates:  that is the secret.

Tykhe Dice will guide you. Self fulfilment and happiness comes from within; a touch of magic and awareness can change your life.

That is what Tykhe Dice are all about, putting you in control of your future.
Using the dice couldn’t be easier but don’t be fooled into thinking they aren’t a serious divination tool. The depth of the dice and board will take you through the most serious studies. Their wisdom and knowledge is drawn from 1000’s of years of study. There is no end to deepest realms of Tykhe Dice, it’s up to you how far you go.

Take a minute to ask…

What is my future?

June 2019

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How we use Tykhe Dice to get the answers:

Think of a question you would like to answer. Avoid yes/no questions; be clear in your mind what you are asking the dice.

Roll the dice gently between your hands while thinking about your question.  When you feel you are ready…

Hold your hand, or both if you prefer, above the centre of the Tykhe Dice board. It only needs to be a hand width above the board.

Release the dice from your hands, they will spread across the board.

Look at the symbols that are uppermost, these symbols will resonate with you and lead you to your answer. Consult the booklet supplied to understand and interpret the reading. Reading will become  intuitive as you work with the dice; but even from the outset it is very straightforward.


This is a simple cast, there are many more levels you will see on the Tykhe Dice board. As you work with the set you will follow a path in reading and interpreting the many layers that the Tykhe Dice set reveals.



*Tykhe, the Greek Goddess spirit of fortune, chance, providence and fate

‘For us all, every day is full of problems, questions, large and small’

 ‘Know thyself’ – Socrates, Plato…

Knowing who you are, your strengths, weaknesses,
hopes, belief and desires is the key to a good life and one
that suits you. Throughout history, thinkers and mystics,
philosophers, scientists, wise men and women have
looked at how to do that…to see inside the self.
And here is the result. We call it Tykhe Dice.

Why I believe in Tykhe Dice

Life is an infinite number of choices, experiences and pleasures. What you will achieve in life is largely down to who and what you are…and ‘luck’. How much luck, chance, fate (call it what you will) influences our life varies from person to person. Very successful people often say, there is no such thing as luck…you make your own luck.  Many people who have not achieved their hopes and dreams blame it on back luck!
Over the centuries countless generations have explored ‘luck, fortune.’ What is good luck or good fortune…how can we reveal its secrets? Well we are still looking but along the way much has been uncovered.  What is most definitely true is that  while some things are clearly beyond our control, others…the greater part, are at our fingertips and controlled by our choices and actions. Perhaps luck is a force of nature, an infinitely complex think that we can only wonder at…but what we can see is the pattern of the natural and spiritual world. How we fit into the scheme of things is all around, we are connected… instrumental…because we are part of it.

What makes you truly happy is unique to you, no-one can know how to achieve that but you. Your path to happiness, fulfilment and understanding is always going to come from within.  The ‘secret’ is to ‘Know thyself’ as Socrates and Plato so rightly said (two of the greatest minds that ever lived.)

Tykhe Dice may contain luck or magic…who knows, I make no claims on that. What I do know is Tykhe Dice brings you closer to yourself. It lifts the veil of the everyday world and brings you closer to the real you. And that is where your better tomorrow begins.

‘Reveal your future, it’s in your hands’

Tykhe Dice are extremely simple to use.
Most of the symbols will need no explanation I am sure. However, that is just the beginning. You will soon find that Tykhe Dice have more possibilities than you can ever imagine. Their influences and meaning have been drawn from countless generations and cultures. We have called them Tykhe (the Greek Goddess of luck, hope, protection and fortune) to show where some of these influences and explorations originated. Just one wellspring on the long road we follow.

The parallels between the web-spinning of Spiders and the spinning of yarn into fabric by human activity can be seen in many cultures around the globe in their myths and folklore.
see: Secrets of the web


Tykhe Dice uses symbols to represent this relationship between ourselves and the natural world.
The web represents:
Symbolic of a trap or danger to the
Key words: Confusion, traps, entanglement, pitfalls.

meaning: complications may entangle you.

Each of the 18 symbols in Tykhe Dice represents a key aspect of our lives.

Chance, fortune and the elements flow through us in a constant stream of energy. Where we are and the path we are taking are both visible and invisible. Our lives are in constant flux, as the energies mix and flow in a spectrum of possibilities. Find the answer ‘unlock’ the inner you.



Llwybr Arianllwynog
2nd Edition: (first published  2014)

Tykhe and the astrological symbolism of the Tykhe board may be seen as astrology of spiritual influences, whilst we may enter into the realm of divination using the power of judgement and prediction, within Tykhe we endeavour to meaningfully interpret a given set of astrological symbols along with those of the Tykhe Dice to a unique human situation allowing the revelatory light of the whole system of stars and planets to describe another solution within reality using these symbols as a metaphoric mirror to carry out the reading and infer it back to actual reality therefore it is not only the psychic, but more the psyche of the reader for until the reader relays the symbols significance there can be no significance, for we are not looking at the time element of astrology as found within the ‘birth seed’ for within Tykhe time is infinitely flexible so it remains the work of the reader to bring both the psychic and emotion into the symbolic equation, this may be seem as ritual as the reader brings themselves to align with both the person and the symbolic material.

From: Understanding Tykhe Dice (Amazon books):March 2018

Tykhe Dice at Witchfest 2016

Witchfest International is the largest Witchcraft, Wicca festival held in the World. Witchfest has entertainment and talks on Witchcraft and Pagan subjects.
 SPEAKER: Mike Dennis

Short Bio: Co-Developer of Tykhe Dice and author of Understanding Tykhe Dice, Tykhe Dice the Zodiac Rituals, Revealing Tykhe Dice, and Other articles.

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