start casting the dice


How we use Tykhe Dice to get the answers:


Think of a question you would like to answer. Avoid yes/no questions; be clear in
your mind what you are asking the dice. Roll the dice gently between your hands
while thinking about your question.  When you feel you are ready…

Hold your hand, or both if you prefer, above the centre of the Tykhe Dice board.
It only needs to be a hand width above the board. Release the dice from your hands,
they will spread across the board.

Look at the symbols that are uppermost, these symbols will resonate with you and lead you to your answer. Consult the booklet supplied to understand and interpret the reading. Reading will become  intuitive as you work with the dice; but even from the outset it is very straightforward.

This is a simple cast, there are many more levels you will see on the Tykhe Dice board. As you work with the set you will follow a path in reading and interpreting the many layers that the Tykhe Dice set reveals.


*Tykhe, the Greek Goddess spirit of fortune, chance, providence and fate.