It is easy to get started with the cards.


There are 52 cards in the Tykhe set. 26 cards double sided for ease of use.

The cards are mainly used as 4 sets:

  1. The dice cards. 9 cards double sided, each side gives keywords and a brief summary of each symbol.
  2. The Zodiac cards 6 cards double sided describing the 12 Zodiac signs.
  3. The Planets and Metals cards 7 double sided. One side the sacred Planet/Sun/Moon and on the reverse the metal it is most associated with.
  4. The Elements cards 4 cards one for each Element. The reverse of these cards gives an introduction to the Elemental Dignities and a introduction to Tykhe Triads.


1.) This is an example of The Fruit Tree card.

Each ‘dice’ has it’s cards colour and also the dice number clearly marked at the bottom left corner.

The cards make it easier and more enjoyable to make a reading from the dice cast.

Much of the information on each card is also printed in the included Tykhe Dice booklet that comes with each set.

The cards are also an easier way to learn the meanings of the dice symbols. It would be possibe to ‘draw’ the cards as a reading in themselves, though the dice have far more to offer in a cast!

These 18 sides are handy and pleasurable to use.


Cards are Playing Card size, printed on a linen textured card. They are hard wearing and waterproof. Printed to a high quality.



2.) An example of a Zodiac card Scorpio.

These 6 double sided cards carry each of the 12 Zodiac signs.

The reverse of this card is Aries. In Tykhe Dice the Zodiac is divided into the Masculine and Feminine. Aries being Masculine. Scorpio and Aries share the same Planet and Metal. This is a handy way to seen the relationship between the signs.

The card carries a lot of information in an easily seen form.

We have the sign: Scorpio with symbol, the Planet Mars, the star constellation and it’s common symbol. Also we have the Zodiac symbol, the Planet and  symbol, the Element and symbol and the metal(s).

Tykhe Dice refers to the Sacred Planets only. Astrology  is not the primary purpose of these cards; though the references are similar.





3.) An example of the Planet and Metal card. These are the two sides of one card. It is easy to see the relationship between the two. On the Planet side, the symbol and Planet. On the metal side, the  Element(s) and symbols. In addition the commonly associated qualities, Gems, colour and day of the week.

4.) An example of the Element card Fire. The card shows the common description of this Element. In addition its symbol and some of the essential oils associated with it (not all)


The reverse of the 4 Element cards give a brief explanation of the Elemental Dignities and  Using Tykhe dice Triads.


Looking beyond: 

The cards can be used in conjunction with the cast to give a ‘spread’

In the below example the three dice lay on the board as they have landed.

The 3 dice cards can be placed to show the keywords. Dice 1, Dice 2 and Dice 3 with their corresponding card.

The position of the dice denotes the Zodiac sign they are in, and from that the Planet, Metal(s) and Element(s). This can be explored to give greater meaning to the cast. Also other aspects are revealed: Day of the week, Colour and Essential oils.


Working with the cards offers new possibilities and interpretations.