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Can I see my future? The realm of consciousness is the arena; from within, with awareness and understanding of the ‘self’ you can better place yourself in the world and on a path to the future. But you cannot be objective without outside forces. Guidance, Chance, luck will be called on when you ‘cast’ the dice. You’ll see the elements of life from a different perspective, a new angle, one outside of normal awareness. You and the dice are working together. Where this leads you is a truly personal journey.

These are ‘First Edition’ collectable sets.

The set includes a 30 page introduction to Tykhe Dice…more than enough to get you started. Arianllwynog’s booklet really underpins just how empowering using Tykhe Dice can be. From the simplest ‘draw’…just one die from the dice bag, to a full 4 dice ‘cast’ on the Tykhe board.

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Working with Tykhe Dice you will soon realise the possibilities are unbounded. Remember this site is both a forum and a resource so be sure to join us here.
Share your experiences and growing knowledge amongst friends.


3 Tykhe symbols, their meaning intuitive and simple. the Heart: Stork:  Boat.
I’m sure you have their basic meaning worked out already.

Each box set is shrink wrapped.

The Tykhe Dice board measures 14″ x 14″ ( 370mm x 370mm) and the box is 14.5″ x 7.5″ x 2″ (380mm x 190mm x 50mm) so it’s a good idea that you are in when it arrives. It’s too big for your letter box!

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