This Hymn to Tykhe on the Temple of Athena

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    Turret-crowned Queen, I sing
    Immortal Agathe Tykhe,
    Elder sister of the Moiroi
    Goddesses Three, Who’s weave the threads of mortal lives
    Friend of all mankind
    Who bears the cornucopia,
    And meters out good and bad.
    Rich and poor alike must deal with your decrees,
    O Goddess.
    O Primal One without parent, I pray.
    Allow me to accept
    The twists and turns that Fate deals
    To see the opportunity in the tragedy
    And to understand what I am meant to do
    Help me to make the right choices,
    Where my Fate depends on it,
    And to accept my lack of control,
    Where it does not.
    Let me always act with honour
    Whatever you set before me.
    Send me only hardships I can endure,
    And that will make a better person.
    This I pray, O Glorious Tykhe.

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