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 ‘Know thyself’ – Socrates, Plato…

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“You can Google anything you want to know, except the wisdom inside yourself.”  HM

(conceived and created in Avebury, Wiltshire, England.)

The parallels between the web-spinning of Spiders and the spinning of yarn into fabric by human activity can be seen in many cultures around the globe in their myths and folklore.


Tykhe Dice uses symbols to represent this relationship between ourselves and the natural world.
The web represents:
Symbolic of a trap or danger to the
Key words: Confusion, traps, entanglement, pitfalls.

meaning: complications may entangle you.

Each of the 18 symbols in Tykhe Dice represents a key aspect of our lives.

Chance, fortune and the elements flow through us in a constant stream of energy. Where we are and the path we are taking are both visible and invisible. Our lives are in constant flux, as the energies mix and flow in a spectrum of possibilities. Find the answer ‘unlock’ the inner you.

Llwybr Arianllwynog
2nd Edition: (first published  2014)

Tykhe and the astrological symbolism of the Tykhe board may be seen as astrology of spiritual influences, whilst we may enter into the realm of divination using the power of judgement and prediction, within Tykhe we endeavour to meaningfully interpret a given set of astrological symbols along with those of the Tykhe Dice to a unique human situation allowing the revelatory light of the whole system of stars and planets to describe another solution within reality using these symbols as a metaphoric mirror to carry out the reading and infer it back to actual reality therefore it is not only the psychic, but more the psyche of the reader for until the reader relays the symbols significance there can be no significance, for we are not looking at the time element of astrology as found within the ‘birth seed’ for within Tykhe time is infinitely flexible so it remains the work of the reader to bring both the psychic and emotion into the symbolic equation, this may be seem as ritual as the reader brings themselves to align with both the person and the symbolic material.

From: Understanding Tykhe Dice (Amazon books):March 2018


*Tykhe, the Greek Goddess spirit of fortune, chance, providence and fate

How we use Tykhe Dice

Think of a question you would like to answer. Avoid yes/no questions; be clear in your mind what you are asking the dice.

Roll the dice gently between your hands while thinking about your question.  When you feel you are ready…

Hold your hand, or both if you prefer, above the centre of the Tykhe Dice board. It only needs to be a hand width above the board.

Release the dice from your hands, they will spread across the board.

Look at the symbols that are uppermost, these symbols will resonate with you and lead you to your answer. Consult the booklet supplied to understand and interpret the reading. Reading will become  intuitive as you work with the dice; but even from the outset it is very straightforward.


This is a simple cast, there are many more levels you will see on the Tykhe Dice board. As you work with the set you will follow a path in reading and interpreting the many layers that the Tykhe Dice set reveals.



Tykhe Dice at Witchfest 2016

Witchfest International is the largest Witchcraft, Wicca festival held in the World. Witchfest has entertainment and talks on Witchcraft and Pagan subjects.
Mike Dennis – Witchfest 26 Nov. 2016
 SPEAKER: Mike Dennis
Short Bio: Co-Developer of Tykhe Dice and author of Understanding Tykhe Dice, Tykhe Dice the Zodiac Rituals, Revealing Tykhe Dice, and Other articles.
Witchfest International 2016. Tykhe Dice workshop 26 Nov. 2016 with Mike Dennis explaining a cast using the Tykhe dice and board
Witchfest International 2016. Tykhe Dice workshop 26 Nov. 2016 with Mike Dennis explaining a cast using the Tykhe dice and board

Witchfest International 2016. Tykhe Dice workshop 26 Nov. 2016 Hands on!

A full review of the event by Mike Dennis
Our first workshop at Witchfest was amazing, once we had got used to the size of our meeting room, setup the tables and banner, the first of many curious people came in so nothing for it but to start straight away! Their interest was quite overwhelming with question coming thick and fast, allowing them to first feel the Tykhe Dice and look at the board, once things had settled down, they took their seats and we went through a little on the history of dice over the last 4500 years to get to Divination with Tykhe Dice and the three and a half years it has taken to present Tykhe here! Followed by an explanation of the symbols and board, the questions that followed covered the many aspects of Tykhe Dice from the reading of one symbol on one die, building to three symbols on three dice. A brief description of working with the Tykhe Board followed by mini readings with some twenty-five coming up for short readings, their question covering many aspects from relationships to house moving to business changes. Once things had settled back down a further question was raised regarding the Goddess Tykhe ‘who was she’ Her story and that of the hero Palemedes was given to a very appreciative audience. The book signing later in the afternoon was much the same with great interest shown in this new very old divination system, many thanks to Rie and Gary for the help and the kind words from Nick O’Conner (PF) and Cat Treadwell as we chatted before the before the book signing.
Do you need any more info?

      visitor comment: Nick O’Connor, “Great workshop, learned a lot, as opposed to some of the more mainstream speakers who were more hogwash than Hogwarts!”


 Tykhe Dice are both an entertaining and insightful vision of your future: Love, life and finances. The wisdom of 2500yrs in predicting personal futures are combined with the inner skills and desires to achieve them. The dice give a random cast of the elements of your life. Easy to use but infinite in possible meanings. Includes Runes, Elements, Planets, Zodiac in a new and empowering way.


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That is a quick explanation of Tykhe Dice, please explore this site and enjoy!  Hopefully, you will buy your own Tykhe Dice set and join in.


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