The Ladder is a very powerful symbol found in Tykhe Dice, used over the millennia from the Sumerian mythology of Inanna to the descent of Ishtar into the underworld found in Babylonian legend. In Mithras the ladder is seen rising to perfection through seven rungs “rounds” at each level passing through a cavern each symbolised by one of the seven metals and seven ancient planets as found on the Tykhe casting board. In Scandinavian legend the initiated would climb a tree the lower level of which starts the initiate in the physical world they then progress through seven levels seen as “steps” “rungs” “gates” or degrees bring them to the ideal sphere of truth.

Working with the Ladder symbol gives an insight into human consciousness, a way to access the inner Gnosis, a uniquely human way to independently visualise this symbol and our deeply held hopes and fears as we move between the realms and the ups and downs of our every day lives, as stated above we should not always think of the Ladder as just having rungs, as we move away from this they may also be seen as steps, gates or degrees truly symbolic of our ascent and that of reaching upwards from darkness to light, from ignorance to knowledge or possibly from the material to spirituality.