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castingrune6All payments through PayPal…so it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

PayPal is the only method that is practical at present, hope it isn’t a problem for too many. 2015-04-16

Tykhe readings are available here online:

casting5b_edited-1a)First Tykhe will be a straight forward 1-2-3 single dice cast including self/H1/H2/HC being general situation/Current situation/possible future outcome. £15/$22 (UK/US)  :see example

n.b. Readings are made
within 36hours of your request

casting7bl reading5_edited-1casting5c_edited-1

b) A three times three Tykhe reading. As above but a 3×3 cast reading. This is a far more in-depth cast. £25/$37 (UK/US)

:see example

n.b. Readings are made
within 36hours of your request

c)Third Tykhe reading: the Magic Square of Nine,  will be the square of Saturn with each cast the die are laid out from left to right their position taken from the self outward. This is cast three times with the dice being read in a block of nine with each die being read individually P1 being present events/P2 reference to your state of mind and your view on the outcome/P3 Influences on the outcome/P4 Hidden influences/P5 present circumstances/P6 memories of past events/ P7 Your view of the present/ P8 Influences on the past and your view/ P9 Best possible outcome. £35/$52 (UK/US) :see example

n.b. Readings are made
within 36hours of your request

Siouxsie Newman Odin runeSiouxsie Newman Three Nornsd) Tykhe rune readings: One, The Odin Rune and the Three Norns, where the Odin rune gives the general direction of the reading and the Three Norns are the body of the reading.  £15/$22 (UK/US):see example

n.b. Readings are made
within 36hours of your request

e) The Runic magic square very much as the Tykhe Square of Saturn but the runes are cast as a single cast and the runic symbols are read from both the die and the board from the center outwards sunwise and read in a specified pattern.  £25/$37 (UK/US)

n.b. Readings are made
within 36hours of your request

tree2f) The Tykhe Rune World Tree:

All the dice are cast onto the Tykhe board, with the positions noted and read from self outwards, sunwise. With Utgard the lowest point referring to the past. Midgard the middle referring to day to day life and Adgard the upper point relating to spiritual life and the future each with three runes and a linking rune.£35/$52 (UK/US) :see example


n.b. Readings are made
within 36hours of your request

more details on request, please ask:


Latest: Our online readings have gone so well we have also started Tykhe Runes readings with the plan to also carry out readings on the Tykhe forum we are currently looking at ways in which these can be carried out live! so watch this space.



As an item of general chat and for input from others, i was looking at work I had done on the Kabbalah and Chaos when looking at the butterfly effect and Tykhe fits perfectly for it’s a fairly simple system in it’s basics form with the casting of the Tykhe dice upon the board depending on the characteristic to amplify small differences in initial conditions for the precise direction, thrust and orientation of the cast onto significantly different dice paths and therefore outcomes, this makes it virtually impossible to cast the Tykhe dice exactly the same way twice! any thoughts?


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Rune Cast 30/01/2015

Question:  How will I do at College?


The Odin rune: URUZ

You are gifted with powerful energies at work within you, treat this power with respect and caution for if you are to use this wild energy make sure that you do not regret it! For it may not be as simple to stop it once the job is done, it will however ensure you overcome any obstacles put in your way but use your intelligence to harness this power wisely, firstly however make sure that you are not biting off more than you can chew!

The Place of Urd:  WUNJO (Anglo Saxon WYNN)

We see this rune name surviving in modern English as the verb ‘to win’ a time of excellent good fortune where partnerships in the form of friendships will be of importance to you.

The place of Verdandi: JERA

You will be dealing with endings and new beginnings a time when present trials will end allowing you to make a fresh optimistic start, the reaping of rewards for past efforts with the completion of some project to be celebrated with joy and relief your optimism will not be misplaced as personal success is very likely.

The place of Skuld: BERKANA

Moving to a period of personal growth both materialistically and spiritually a time of proper growth and development your natural regenerative powers, raising your spirits with a sense of well being.

In love and light



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