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Tykhe 1-2-3  single cast 26/11/14 23.30 GMT


The Sun in self

The Bat in Heliocentric Orbit 1 Scorpio/Mars

The Fruit Tree in Heliocentric Orbit 2 Capricorn/Saturn

The reading is very feminine in with just a little male influence keeping it in balance.

casting35Very much linked to overcoming past difficulties giving the achievement of healing you can go from strength to strength enabling you to face and release any fears giving you a feeling of rebirth this in turn will allow you to shed that in your life that no longer fits, for you are dealing with a determined and forceful personality who may have the tendency towards being secretive once you are though this you will enter a time of blossoming and expansion a time of harvest after work and the planning it indicates happiness and the natural flow of nature so avoid being over pessimistic be patient for you have learnt many of life lessons. 

A much more detailed casting can be made with all dice cast three times.

I do hope this is helpful