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Question: Will my relationship be as strong as it was? When my soldier returns home as it was before his deployment.

The Magic Square of Nine is cast.



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The Magic Square of Nine

This arrangement of the Tykhe Rune cast deals with the past, present and future.

It also takes into account people and events that you may or may not be aware of and their bearing on the matter in hand. This reading also reveals your desires and unconscious attitudes.


Tykhe Rune cast 25/02/15


Position 1: EHWAZ. The past and it’s bearing on present events.

Things were picking up pace in your life, a time of adventures, providing you with the physical and mental simulation you craved, Your getting together with a person as strong willed as you are a time of mutual respect ensuring the bonds between you are strong.
Position 2: KAUNAZ. Your future state of mind and attitude to the outcome.

This is one of the most positive runes, connected with passion felt in both a physical and mental sense, the start of a consuming love affair and the spark of a meaningful relationship, that have taught you both a thing or two about life, leading you to a path of new discovery.

In a more mystical sense you felt safe with that feeling of someone watching over you, that powerful insight touched by clarity of vision that you have never known before.


Position 3: HAGALAZ. Influences on the matter in hand that you may not be aware of.

Sudden disruptive things occurred in your life, turning it on its head for a while, you had no power to avert these happenings, but like the cold wind that blows hard confusing your senses with swirling sleet, it is fortunate that time will yield to those softer breezes of spring.

Position 4: SOWELO. How these hidden influences will affect the outcome.

Casting a very warm glow over the other runes present, promising that the sun will rise even when one is in the darkest night, if you are troubled be sure that there will be a happy outcome in affairs of the heart, signalling a time when happiness and harmony will reign.


Position 5: TIWAZ. Present Circumstances.

Speaking of a bond, a worthy promise that signifies lasting love, this is a bond that once made cannot be broken, suggests your partner is strong and loves you fiercely, there are sacrifices you have made, something major in your life to assure your attachment remains strong, this relationship will prosper, love will be steadfast, you have an unshakable conviction that what you are doing is right, this will give you the strength of purpose to succeed.

Position 6: MANNAZ. Your memories of and attitude to past events.

This is somewhat a rune of evaluation, relating to you, a reminder that we are all products of our experiences you have been through a time of reassessment and examination of both your motives and aims, also putting the motives of others under scrutiny, asking some searching questions before committing yourself, taking time over these very important decisions, the slowing down at this time allowed you to find the right solutions.

Position 7: PERTHO. Your present viewpoint.

You see fate as taking a hand in your affairs and a celebration in the offing.

Problems will be solved, your knowledge will increase and you will find emotional security in good company, this rune suggests that you are playing the game of life well. Prophetic dreams are associated with this aspect of you, you are looking to an event that will transform your life and how you live it. Do remember the Pertho is associated with secrets; treat any information that comes your way with discretion.

Position 8: OTHILA. Hidden influences on past events.

A time when hallowed traditions are increasingly important, of things that stand the test of time, a set of values given, that are fixed, immovable and strangely comforting, you have a strong feeling of loyalty of identification to those who share your heritage that of family, denoting that those traits have come down through the generations that express a certain correctness of behaviour and a sense of belonging which binds you to your roots.

Position 9: DAGAZ. The best possible outcome.

There is a suggestion of major changes will soon occur, do not fear for this is a rune of happiness and prosperity, a very good one to receive when you’ve been suspended in a period of waiting, as it signifies an end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

A time of fun, laughter and wonderful experiences, you will be motivated into actions that lead to a position from which you can take an enlightened stance upon any issues that have troubled you, giving you the opportunity to plan for the future sensibly, a new perspective that life isn’t all hard work and self denial, you have a marvellous sense of humour that is most evident, proving that life is indeed worth living.

In love and light