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Rune cast **/03/15

Question: What changes do I need to make in the next year?


The World Tree Cast: This rune suggests that you are playing the game of life well, although there are many ups and downs things will improve, you will look to new enterprises or, indeed any event that will transform your life and how you live it. A word of caution: use any information that comes your way with discretion, it would not do to reveal your hand before you have made your play.
With the arrival of good news and an excellent turn of fortune leading to a period when things will go your way. Partnerships of course, are of prime importance, not only relationships of an emotional nature, but those connected with business, too. For firm friendships and mutually advantageous arrangements are under the auspices of Wunjo. As you progress forward sudden disruptive things are about to occur turning your life on its head for a while. You will have very little power to avert these happenings, which like cold, Arctic winds, will blow hard and confuse your senses with swirling sleet, it is likely to go beyond the literal, it is however fortunate for you that the cold icy winds of reality that are set to blow will soon yield to the softer breezes of spring, so wrap up warm and sit out the storm. Things are soon destined to pick up pace again and changing for the better, for Ehwaz is a rune of the larger concepts.

Of major projects and new exciting adventures, you will be looking to a new location that will provide you with the physical and mental stimulation you crave. The possible establishment of a new partnership with a person as strong willed as you are, so the importance of forming a team, of running in harness and not falling out of step is suggested. A time of personal growth is on the way, this may well involve material, domestic but very likely at the spiritual level, Berkana is strongly associated with intuition and the higher self.

On the more mundane the new project that is getting off the ground will need rigorous care and attention if it is to thrive. There is a note to look after your health during this time, although Berkana symbolises your natural regenerative powers, these will raise your spirits with a heightened sense of well being. With this talk of you, this relates to you alone, for it may signify your status and the way others perceive you, it also serves as a reminder that we are all the products of our experiences and urges you to take a close look at yourself, make sure that you have not been deluding yourself and that you are not the person that you thought yourself to be, it is time for a reassessment and an examination of your motives and aims. Though equally, the motives of those around you should also come under scrutiny, ask some searching questions before committing yourself to anything binding. This is not a time of haste, take a little time, consult a trusted advisor with no personal interest in the situation and wait to see what develops. Far reaching decisions are likely when Mannaz appears, so doesn’t panic slow down and look within yourself, it is very likely that you will find the right solution, as Jera enters your reading you will be able to take a fresh optimistic look at the possible completion of some project, that will be celebrated with both joy and relief, it is during this time that you will feel honour bound to help someone. However, it is important to judge exactly how much help you should give, for Gebo signifies both the donor and the recipient of a gift. All should be well as long as there are conditions and both parties know the limits of their agreement, even if nothing material is actually given. The payment for the gift may come in the form of simple gratitude, but if that is withheld, then resentment and quarrels will be the result. For the same applies to the giver: a present should be given with an open heart, otherwise the giver will feel forced into an obligation and the recipient will feel worthless. Interestingly you may find yourself in a set of circumstances with few clues on the best way to proceed. However, even through your conscious mind may be at a loss, your unconscious knows much better and will use dreams and strange coincidences to communicate guidance.
As you look to traditions their importance to you increases, things that stand the test of time, a set of values that seemed fixed, immovable and somehow comforting to you, this could very well be linked to your spiritual path or to a group who share your aims and heritage. For your journey has gone through some major changes, but Dagaz is very much a rune of happiness and prosperity, it tells you that the breakthrough, following a period of frustration has come, it may expose information that was previously hidden from you, motivating your actions and leading you to a position from which you can take an enlightened stance upon issues that have troubled you.

This new enlightenment will give you the opportunity to plan for the future sensibly. Now this life is not all about hard work and self denial for there is a strong element of fun attached to this rune, for you have a marvellous sense of humour, so enjoy this time you have many new avenues to explore, proving, that indeed life is worth living.

In love and light