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The Odin Tykhe rune  is drawn and then cast this gives the background to the reading, followed by the Three Norns these are each drawn and cast upon the Tyke board, they are then placed side by side and read in the order they where drawn and cast, as the name implies, this method gives a specific reading relating to the past, present and future.


Question: Will my son find happiness?

Siouxsie Newman Odin rune


Siouxsie Newman Three Norns


S—-sie —-an

Rune cast 22/03/15


Now this is part third party as I am reading through you, so it should make interesting reading.

The Odin Rune: NAUTHIZ

This rune is most likely to appear when you are assailed by doubt and insecurity; indeed, it indicates that you should think very carefully before acting. A realistic attitude is vital, but it is also important to remember that realism is not equated with pessimism, for this is fundamentally the rune of necessity, so some action is required by you. No matter how much anxiety and lack of confidence may hamper your activities, strength of character and determination to control these negative emotions will see you through this period, although it is also of importance that you recognise your own limitations and act accordingly, for pushing yourself to hard will solve little at this time.

The Place of Urd: KAUNAZ

Most obviously linked to the gaining and passing on of knowledge, but also its strong connection with passion, which can be felt in both a physical and mental sense, for you may be passionate about a subject or a person, when this rune appears in your reading the two concepts are often strangely mixed together; just as the Anglo Saxon verb ‘kennen’ meant both ‘to conceive’ and ‘to bring forth from the mind’. But in more mundane terms it can mean the start of a consuming love affair and the spark of a meaningful relationship.

The Place of Verdandi: HAGALAZ

Entering into the unknown where sudden disruptive things are about to occur and your life will be turned on its head for a while. You will have little power to avert these happenings, which, like cold, Arctic winds, will blow hard and confuse your senses with swirling sleet.

It is fortunate that the cold winds of icy reality that are set to blow, will soon yield to the softer breezes of spring, so hope is implicit in the meaning of Hagalaz,. All you have to do is to sit out the storm and make sure you wrap up warm.

The Place of Skuld: BERKANA

Of new beginnings, indicating good news and times of family rejoicing, where a time of personal growth is on the way, this may involve material, domestic or just as likely spiritual affairs, because Berkana is also associated with intuition, the higher self and the soul’s purpose on earth.

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