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The 3 dice are cast 3 times

This triple Tykhe cast covers past, present and near future.

DeAnn Alan triplecast 2 002     DeAnn Alan triplecast 2 004     DeAnn Alan triplecast 2 006

  D—n —n

The triple cast of nine-past/present/near future  
27/10/14 20.34GMT


Cast 1
Recent Past

Masculine in orientation.

 The Boat in self

The Heart in H1 influenced by Scorpio/Mars-Virgo/Mercury

The Key in H1 influenced by Sagittarius/Jupiter

Your past speaks of the journey that you have taken the partings, sacrifices and emotion of forces that you had no control over, it does however also speak of the longer journey that you have made on the voyage of personal discovery as you travelled along your spiritual path towards your personal destiny, there have however been good times with much sharing and strong friendships, you have given your heart to others only to have it broken leaving you with very negative feelings your loving nature damaged by one who has been both passionate but also domineering and secretive at this time you were looking for answers but did not know where to look hoping at the time that a new door would open and a solution would be found.


Cast 2

Gender Neutral

The Key in Self

The Beetle in H1 Libra/Venus

The Crossroads in Scorpio/Mars-Virgo/Mercury


As you come into the present this opportunity seemed to present itself with some of the answers that you had sought and that knowledge bought in new opportunities but a fear of obscurity held you, only getting through by pure determination this however has come at a cost for you are generally fun loving all you want is for your life to be in balance and harmony but you fear trouble ahead, of others having an effect upon your family life that will once again change your plans forcing difficult choices upon you, you are split between great anger and great love?


Cast 3
Near Future

Female in orientation

The Ladder in H1 influenced by Cancer/Moon-Taurus/Venus

The Heart tree in H2 influenced by Scorpio/Mars

The Bat in HC influenced by Capricorn/Saturn


You are holding the keys to your future it is within you to find that zeal and enthusiasm to achieve your ambition not allowing a personal issue to engulf you for you will have both the inspiration and intuition to guide you, your inner beauty will attract one who has both a patient and placid character to give your heart to, in this partnership progress will be made do not allow hidden secrets to become a problem for you must release these fears and shed that which no longer fits for this pessimism will keep you earth bound, causing obstacles to hold you back.


In love and light