Retail: available exclusively from Woodland Magick


Woodland Magic has joined with us to bring Tykhe Dice to a major retail outlet in Kent.

7 Livingstone Road, Gillingham ME7 4HA. tel.01634 786610

tykhedisplayCome and experience the Tykhe Dice with Arianllwynog, author of the companion book to the dice. This is brand new divination system, Woodland Magick is the EXCLUSIVE retail outlet until the product is launched at WitchFest at the end of November.

Try before you buy. Have the chance to experience a simple reading with the system. Learn how easy they are to use for everything from simple readings to indepth forecasts.

Arianllwynog will be in the shop from 7pm to 9pm to answer any questions you may have and show you how to use the dice and board.

If you are interested in learning new methods of divination then pop in and see us for this FREE event.


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