Secrets of the Web 3

You cannot put deeper meaning to the Web without mentioning both the Spider and the Human process of weaving, if you think of times long past when weaving was a practice carried out in our communities as part of their daily lives, together with many commonly used phrases such as “close knit” or “tightly woven” when describing the intimacy of a family group, or the phase “patch up” when mending a strained relationship, to “In knots” when feeling anxious and an old favorite “shared common threads” when used regarding people or a situation as an expression of relationship at a very fundamental level, this metaphor suggesting a degree of unity, whilst further metaphors and allegory maybe seen to point to a meaning much closer to creation, it is not such a great leap to link the web spinning of the Spider with other world ability.

Even the idea of “Spinning” a web can be seen as anthropomorphic; Spiders use different glands near their abdomen to secrete their silk depending on the purpose of the strand, the process of spinning we as humans use forms a usable yarn from other fibres.

Take the latin word for a Spiders web “tela” or fabric, looking at other romance languages we have a translation very close to Spider-fabric.

The parallels between the web spinning of Spiders and the spinning of yarn into fabric by human activity can be seen in many cultures around the globe in their myths and folklore.

Neith the oldest goddess in recorded history from the Egyptian pantheon, means not only “water” but also “weaving” her symbol can be seen to represent a loom shuttle, she can clearly be seen as autogenic, just think of Athena for they both can be seen as weavers, and the guardians of marriage and women. (although men also were weavers in Egyptian culture) Neith is linked to the creation myth as having created the world and humanity on her loom, before this however as her name implies she was believed to have worked with the primordial waters, as the source.

Worshipped as a virgin, her creations become even more miraculous and strengthen the comparison to Athena and form the archetype pathway for later mythologies.

More later.