The casting board, a simple description:

The board is a circle, representing the heavens, all twelve constellations are represented around the outside, with our Sun and Moon at the centre. The board is metaphorically divided into two halves, Male (Sun) right, Female (Moon) left. The constellations are divided accordingly in order of the year. As the dice are cast, where they land indicates the influence on the symbol: masculine/feminine. This may be your personal influence, an aspect of your personality, or the influence of someone other. The relationship of the dice to each other indicates their influences. In this cast the Cat and Fruit tree have male influences, while the Bat has a female one. All three are equal distance(ish) from the centre and from each other…so no one dice is dominant or influencing another.

The Tykhe dice set contains 18 symbols, each representing an aspect of life.