Tykhe Dice Discovering Detail in your Reading part 1



A really interesting way of discovering incredible  background information in your Tykhe readings, is by the use of basic knowledge regarding the elemental dignities.

To understand the idea of dignities in Tykhe Dice reading we need to establish certain rules for reading these interactions between Tykhe symbols.

You may be well aware that the whole idea originates in astrology where a planet may be seen as “dignified” in a particular location on a chart. For example the planet Mars is seen as “dignified” in Scorpio, making it potentially better or more influential in the chart than if it were to be in Cancer, where a proportion of Mars energy (nature) becomes cruel rather than empowering.

In Tykhe reading the dignities are based on the four elements, fire/earth/air and water to which each Tykhe symbol is assigned.

A Tykhe symbol is either Strong or Weak, well dignified, according to the Tykhe symbol next to it or on either side.

Tykhe symbols of the same nature on either side Strengthen it greatly, for good or ill according to their (energy) nature.

Tykhe symbols of the opposite nature on either side Weaken it greatly for either good or ill according to their (energy) nature.

So briefly;

Air is inimical to Earth

Fire is inimical to Water

Air is friendly to Water and Fire

Fire is friendly to Air and Earth

If a symbol falls between two other symbols that are mutually contrary, it is not much affected by either.


More in part 2