Tykhe Dice Discovering Detail in your Reading part 3

A little more on Elements


Keeping the notion of the steps in your mind, as we take a closer look at who gets together and who just does not.

Fire and Water, or Air and earth are opposite, so do not get along with each other so would rock the steps.

Fire and Air get on famously with each other and will support the ladder, think of blowing a flame.

Water and earth, and Air and Water are “friendly” so can be seen as keeping busy chatting to each other at the base of the steps,allowing the central symbol freedom to get on with the task in hand.

When looking at the same Elements (such as fire and fire) they can be seen to get along and will “strengthen” or even accelerate or amplify the central symbol, this may turn out either for good or bad within the overall reading.

We could well wish the Knife to be amplified by two identical elements either side of it. Unless the question was relationship centred “will a separation happen quickly?” you will not be surprised to find the answer wold be positive. For good can become bad and bad turn to good very quickly.

As we start to read with dignities in mind, our readings become far more subtle in their expression, think of it as having an under lying story behind the leading characters in a drama, you will start to understand their motivations and possible actions far better, for you get to know were they are coming from, and most likely where they want to go.

It’s remembering the the whole reading forms a story, for if we read each symbol as a separate character, we may just miss something because we are seeing it in isolation, not allowing for the possible influence of the other symbols in it’s life possibly leading to a very bland generic reading.

If we were to take a look at the Beetle for example, it generally has a reasonably “positive” feel about the symbol in most questions, where it could be read as telling us to “Save” or “Hold onto” that which we have gained, a symbol in which we would most likely advise not to link up with someone else in the hope of expanding or putting at risk your resources, to avoid time and energy on new projects. It is a holding symbol.

If we take the Beetle as Earth, and see it fall between two fire symbols (say the Sun and Fruit Tree) It may tell us that we are resisting a lot of fire energy to burn through our cash. A strong indication that is this underlying story showed a person often spending rapidly (the Sun) and ending up hoarding (the Fruit Tree), the more they moved (the Sun) the harder it got )the Fruit Tree). So the Beetle would be unable tp maintain this given the underlying story. When discussing our reading we may wish to show that the “Earthing” of what we already possess will prove to be a lot better, and more pleasurable, enduring and realistic, than the constant demands of fire, for it requires constant re-fuelling and they will only get burnt.

This shows we can get a far deeper and more empowering reading, just for considering the three elements at work on a pair of steps.