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‘Tykhe Dice’ may be an unfamiliar term today but that is changing fast.’ Divination with Tykhe Dice. Chance, fortune and the Read more
  At first sight many people say the board looks ‘complicated.’ We prefer to call it ‘comprehensive.’ Tykhe Dice board Read more
‘Understanding Tykhe Dice’ is available from Amazon books. Understanding Tykhe Dice £6.11 + P&P “Studying this book will help empower you Read more
Before we look more closely at the Web and it’s symbolic meaning, here is just a little something to think Read more
          see it here       Read more
A short introduction to ‘Using Tykhe Dice’ with Marie Wheatley ‘The Avebury Experience’ Jan 2020       Read more
Tykhe Dice Triads It’s time to look at our three people and a ladder, three things to remember. 1) Above Read more
Tykhe Symbols of Influence In Tykhe Dice the location of the Symbols when cast upon the Tykhe board and their interactions with Read more
It was established that the Universe was made up of 4 Elements. Each one being unique. These 4 Elements were Read more
‘Tykhe Dice were created to follow in a tradition of foretelling the future with dice. From the earliest times that has Read more
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