What’s the answer?

The journey to self fulfilment begins

these three things are true:

  • my choices DO affect my life?
  • good choices WILL improve my life?
  • my choices ARE affecting others in my life?

You know it but how do you begin that new path?

Well be sure:
‘Your life is largely in your hands. You will get the tomorrow

you build. ‘

No two people want the same things, so how can there be a ‘formula for personal happiness’? What each of us wants is unique. It is also true what makes each of us happy is a blend of our desires, skills and well-being.

So in reality there is a ‘formula for personal happiness’ but everyone’s is different.

How do I change?  By using the very thing you know best…you.
Strange as it may sound, that is the last place most of us look! Ask yourself a list of questions about you…and if you are honest, you can answer all of them. And if you are even more honest with yourself you know your happiness depend on those values.

‘Know thyself’

That is the wisdom and secret behind Tykhe Dice.


Each of the symbols represents an aspect of life we all share: love, success, dangers, decisions, journeys, pitfalls etc. and of course that element of chance, luck, fate or a guiding light.
It is easy to see from the dice what each symbol represents…don’t you think?

Your everyday life is mixing and blending emotions, hopes and aspirations together; represented in these 18 elements of life. They are the dice of life.

It may look simple, too simple you might think but you will be surprised how clearly these dice will talk to you. Perhaps even see yourself in a way you never have.

So how could a roll of the dice change your life?

Well I suspect you are starting to see already. If you know what the inner you wants (or equally doesn’t want) the actions you take will be in harmony with you. You have to be aware of what you want before you can achieve it.

Tykhe Dice isn’t fortune telling, well not in the Fairground sense. What Tykhe Dice is, is a connection between the conscious, subconscious and spiritual you. You can call that science, faith or magic…or all.
Whatever is the driving force within you will be revealed.

Each dice represents a fundamental state: The current situation, love & direction, everyday matters (finance & opportunity) Each of these is at work in all of us. You will see in the throw of the dice the major elements that affect you.
The answers come from your interpretation of the symbols. How they draw out the inner you. The symbols are a common guide and each person will interpret them slightly differently

Remember the answer is going to come from within,  you answer your question by drawing out the inner self and with that knowledge you move forward.
You will surprise yourself!

Alice: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”

The Cheshire Cat: “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”


You start with a question and cast the Tykhe Dice

What falls before you is an answer. What that answer reads is made up of the inner you. Your thoughts, your vision, your understanding. It resonates with how you see the world and it’s the first little step in ‘Knowing thyself.’

 Tykhe Dice will guide you. Self fulfilment and happiness comes from within. A touch of magic and self awareness can change your life.

July 2019

How you start

How we use Tykhe Dice to get the answers:

Think of a question you would like to answer. Avoid yes/no questions; be clear in your mind what you are asking the dice.

Roll the dice gently between your hands while thinking about your question.  When you feel you are ready…

Hold your hand, or both if you prefer, above the centre of the Tykhe Dice board. It only needs to be a hand width above the board.

Release the dice from your hands, they will spread across the board.

Look at the symbols that are uppermost, these symbols will resonate with you and lead you to your answer. Consult the booklet supplied to understand and interpret the reading. Reading will become  intuitive as you work with the dice; but even from the outset it is very straightforward.


This is a simple cast, there are many more levels you will see on the Tykhe Dice board. As you work with the set you will follow a path in reading and interpreting the many layers that the Tykhe Dice set reveals.


*Tykhe, the Greek Goddess spirit of fortune, chance, providence and fate.



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